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Educational Concepts for the Next Generation of Healthcare Professionals.

At Mock Medical, LLC, our primary role is to provide an educational, hands-on approach to students within the surgical healthcare industry. We are the only company to market "training and educational surgical instrument kits" for surgical students. By providing each and every new student with their very own lab/instrument kit, we believe that learning the basics of the industry will become very clear and the students will have unlimited handling of each and every instrument in the lab or more importantly, at home.

Schools offering Physician Assistant, Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting, or a healthcare facility providing additional surgical training, can schedule an appointment with Mock Medical, LLC to learn about our training products.

More About Us
What you need to get out of instrumentation is the practice of opening and closing the clamps and other tools with manual dexterity. This takes practice. If students have their own kits, they can literally set up mock cases in their living rooms the night before they go in to do a procedure.
Dana Grafft - Head Surgical Technology Instructor (12 years), Iowa Lakes Community College
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