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Mock Medical - Product Index

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Hohmann Bone Lever, 18mm
Horsley Dura Dissector
Hulka Teneculum
Hurd Tonsil Dissector
Hysterectomy Mock Kit
Impervious Stockinette (Drape)
Intramuscular Injection Pad, small
Iris Scissors - Straight
Israel Rake Retractor
J Tip Cautery 16"
Jackson Hook, Trachea
Jackson Vaginal Retractor
Jacobs Tenaculum
Jamison Hook
Jamison Scissor 9"
Jansen Middleton Septum Forceps
Javid Carotid Graft Clamp
Jones Scissors
Jordan Needle Fine Shaft
Joseph Scissors
Joseph Skin Hook, SHARP, 6", DOUBLE
Joseph Skin Hook, SHARP, 6", single
Kalt Needle Holder
Kelly Descemet Membrane Punch
Kelly Forcep - Curved
Kelly Forcep - Curved 8"
Kelly Forcep - Straight
Kelly Retractor
Kerrison Ronguer
Kerrison Ronguers
Kevorkian Cervicle Biopsy Forceps
Key Elevator, 12mm
Key Elevator, 19mm
Key Elevator, 6mm
Kielland OB Forceps
Killian Nasal Specula, Large
Killian Nasal Specula, Small
Knee Arthroscopy Drape Pack with Gowns
Kocher / Ochsner - Curved, 7"
Kocher / Ochsner - Straight 6.5"
Kocher / Ochsner - Straight 7"
Kocher Forcep - Straight, 6"
Kocher Oschner Forceps, STR, 8"
Kocher-Ochsner, CVD, Long 12"
Kocher-Oschner, STR, Long 12"
Lacrimal Probe
Lahey Right Angle, 7.5" Basci
Lane Ortho Retractor
Lang Speculum
Langenbeck Periosteal Elevator, Narrow 6 mm
Langenbeck Retractor
Laparoscopic Alligator Grasper
Laparoscopic Babcock Grasper
Laparoscopic Blunt Grasper
Laparoscopic Cart
Laparoscopic Clip Applier 5 mm
Laparoscopic DeBakey Grasper
Laparoscopic Dolphin Grasper
Laparoscopic Drape
Laparoscopic Drape Pack
Laparoscopic Knot Pusher 16"
Laparoscopic Metzenbaum Curved Scissors
Laparoscopic Metzenbaum Straight Scissors
Laparoscopic Mock Kit
Laparoscopic Needle Holder Curved
Laparoscopic Needle Holder straight
Laparoscopic One Tooth Raptor Grasper
Laparoscopic Tenaculum
Laparoscopic Veress Needle
Laparotomy Drape - Wel Med Brand
Laparotomy Drape Pack
Laryngeal Mirror
Latex Surgical Gloves Size 5.5
Latex Surgical Gloves Size 6
Latex Surgical Gloves Size 6.5
Latex Surgical Gloves Size 7
Latex Surgical Gloves Size 7.5
Latex Surgical Gloves Size 8
Latex Surgical Gloves Size 8.5
Lexell Rounger
Liston Bone Cutting Forceps
Littauer Scissors
Litteaur Liston Bone Cutting Forceps
Lord Fairfax Community College Student Kit
Lorna Towel Clamp
Love Uvula Retractor
Lovelace Forcep
Lowsly Prostatic Retractor
Luer Rongeur 6 mm
Luikart/Lowers/Lours OB Forceps
Major LAB Mock Kit
Major Mock Kit
Malleable, Ribbon, Flexible Retractor - Thin
Malleable, Ribbon, Flexible Retractor - Wide
Mandez Markers, Corneal
Maryland Grasper
Marywood Suture Student Kit
Mayo Hegar Needle Holder - 10.25" Straight
Mayo Hegar Needle Holder - 6" Straight
Mayo Hegar Needle Holder - 7" Straight
Mayo Hegar Needle Holder - 7" Curved
Mayo Scissors - Curved
Mayo Scissors - Straight
Mayo Scissors, CVD, 10
Mayo Scissors, CVD, 9"
Mayo Scissors, STR, 9"
Mayo Stand Cover/Drape
Mayo-Heagar Needle Holder 8"
McDougal Pedicle Clamp
McPherson Angle Forceps
Merz Vienna Nasal Speculum
Metzenbaum Scissor, STR 10"
Metzenbaum Scissor, STR 7"
Metzenbaum Scissor, STR 8"
Metzenbaum Scissor, STR 9"
Metzenbaum Scissors - Curved 6"
Metzenbaum Scissors - Curved, 7"
Metzenbaum Scissors - Curved, 8"
Metzenbaum Scissors - Straight 6"
Metzenbaum Scissors, CVD 10
Metzenbaum Scissors, CVD, 5.5
Metzenbaum Scissors, CVD, 6
Minor Bone Mock Kit
Minor Mock Kit
Minor Mock Kit
Mixter Right Angle Clamp/Forceps
Mock Medical Student Supply Backpack
Mock Sterilization Box - Medium
Mock Sterilization Box - Medium, Perf.
Mock Sterilization Box - Small
Mock Sterilization Box - Small, Perf.
MON0- Suture, Poliglecaprone, 2-0
MON0- Suture, Poliglecaprone, 4-0
Moorfields Forcep
Mosquito, Halsted Clamp - Curved
Mosquito, Halsted Clamp - Straight
Mosquito, Long, 8.25, CVD, no teeth
Mosquito, Long, 8.25, STR no teeth
Muscle Hook
Myerding Retractor
NEURO Drape Pack
Nova SU- Fort Lauderdale
Nova SU- Fort Myers
NYLON Suture- Polyamide, 0-0
NYLON Suture- Polyamide, 3-0
Orthopedic #1 Mock Kit
Orthopedic #2 Mock Kit
Orthopedic / ARTHROSCOPY Drape Pack
Orthopedic Drape Procedure Pack
Orthopedic/Extremity Drape Pack
Orthopedic/Shoulder Beach Chair Drape
O'Sullivan - O' Cononor Vaginal Retractor System
O'Sullivan - O'Connor Abdominal Retractor
Parker Retractor SET of 2
Pean Forceps, STR, 5.5
Pean, curved 6.25"
Pean, straight 6.25"
Peel Pack, 12x16
Peel Pack, 3.5x10
Peel Pack, 3.5x6.5
Peel Pack, 5.5x11
Peel Pack, 7.5x13
Peers, NON-Penetrating Towel Clamp
Penfield Dura Dissector / Elevator
Peon Forceps, Delicate, CVD
Peon Forceps, Delicate, CVD. 6.25"
Peon Forceps, Delicate, STR
Pierce Forceps
Pierce Speculum
POLENE- Polypropylene, BLUNT Suture 4-0
Polysioprene Gloves Size 5.5
Polysioprene Gloves Size 6
Polysioprene Gloves Size 6.5
Polysioprene Gloves Size 7
Polysioprene Gloves Size 7.5
Polysioprene Gloves Size 8
Polysioprene Gloves Size 8.5
Polysioprene Gloves Size 9
Poole Suction Tip
Potts - Smith Scissors
Potts Scissors,, 45 degrees
Pratt Rectal Spectrum
Pratt Smith Hemostatic Forceps
Putti Bone Chisel, #1
Putti Bone Chisel/Rasp/File, #2
Ragnell - Davis Retractor
Rib Approximator, Bailey
Rib Shears
Rib Spreader Finochietto, Buford
Richardson - Eastman Retractor SET
Richardson Eastman Retractor, Single Small
Richardson Retractor, Single, 9.5"
Richardson Retractor, X Small
Right Angle Clamp, Baby 14cm
Right Angle, Mixter
Ring Retractor Blade #2
Ring Retractor Blade #2
Ring Retractor Blade #3
Ring Retractor Blade #3
Ring Retractor Blade #4
Rochester - Ochsner 8", Curved
Rochester - Pean 7", Curved
Rochester - Pean 7", Straight
Rochester Peon, STR, 8.75"
Rochester-Oschner Forceps, STR, 8"
Rochester-Pean Forceps, CVD 6.25
Rochester-Pean Forceps, Delicate, CVD. 8"
Rochester-Pean, CVD, Long, 11"
Rochester-Pean, STR, Long, 11"
Rocky Mountain College
Rollet Rugime
Rummel Stylet, Aortic/Venous Suture Puller
Ruskin Bone Cutting, STR
Ruskin Rounger, CVD, 5mm bite
Ruskin Rounger, CVD, 6mm bite
Ruskin Rounger, CVD, Mini, 3mm
Russian Tissue Forceps, 6"
Russian Tissue Forceps, 7 3/4"
S Retractor / Hasson
Satinsky Cardio Vascular Forcep
Sauer Pediatric Speculum
Schnidt Tonsil Clamp
Schroeder Tenaculum
Scleral Ring - Various Sizes
Senn Retractor
Silk 3-0, - Braided Black Suture
Silk 5-0, - Braided Black Suture
SILK- Braided Black BLUNT Suture, 3-0
Simms Vaginal Specula/Retractors
Simms Uterine Sound
Simpson Obsterical Forceps
Sims Speculum
Sims Rectal Spectrum, Open
Sinskey Hook
Skene Tenaculum
Skin Hook, single
Small Fragment Set
Snallen Entropion Clamp
South University Suture Pouch
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