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Suture Student Kit
"V" Braided Violet Suture, 2-0
"V" Braided Violet Suture, 3-0
"V" Braided Violet Suture, 4-0
"V" Braided Violet, BLUNT Suture
#10 Saftey Surgical Blades
#3 Knife / Scalpel Handle
#3L Knife / Scalpel Handle - Angled
#3L Knife / Scalpel Handle - Straight
#4 Knife / Scalpel Handle
#4L Knife / Scalpel Handle - Angled
#4L Knife / Scalpel Handle - Straight
#7 Knife / Scalpel Handle
#7 Knife Long / Scalpel Handle
Abdominal Mock Kit
Adair Clamp, Allis-Adair
Adenoid Curette, 0
Adenoid Curette, 1
Adenoid Curette, 2
Adenoid Curette, 3
Adenoid Retractor, Jones 4MM Infant
Adenoid Retractor, Jones 6mm
Adson Clamp
Adson Tissue Forceps, no teeth
Adson with Teeth
Adson with Teeth
Adson-Brown Tissue Forceps
Allen Intestinal Clamp
Alligator/Hartman Forceps
Allis - Adair Forceps
Allis Adair Tissue Forceps 6.5"
Allis Forceps
Allis Tissue Forceps, LONG 10"
Allis-Adair Forceps, 7.5"
Appendicile Retractor 10"
Army- Navy Retractors
Arthrosocopy Mock Kit
Autoclave Indicator Tape sterilization tape
Auvard Weighted Speculum
Babcock Forceps - Short
Babcock Forceps ,8"- Reg.
Back / Spine Mockkit
Back Table Cover/Drape
Backhaus Towel Clamp
Bainbridge Clamp #1, CVD 7"
Bainbridge Clamp #2, STR
Bainbridge Clamp #3, STR, Vascular
Bainbridge Clamp #4, CVD, Vascular
Balfour Abdominal Retractor
Ballenger Septum Elevator
Bandage Scissors
Bard - Parker Bands
Barraquer Iris Scissors
Barraquer Needle Holder
Barraquer Wire Speculum
Bayonet/ Taylor Tissue Forceps
Bear Claw Retractor, 3 Prong
Bear Claw Retractor, 5 Prong
Beaver Round Knife Handle 5"
Beckman - Eastman Retractor
Beckman Retractor
Belz Lacrimal Rongeur
Bennet Bone Retractor
Berke Ptosis Calmp 4"
Biopsy Forceps Oval 5mm
Bish - O'Harmon Forceps, No Teeth
Bish - O'Harmon Forceps, WITH Teeth
Bishop-Harmon Forceps no teeth
Bishop-Harmon Forceps with teeth
Blakesley Forceps
Blount #1, Knee Retractor
BMT Mock Kit
BMT Procedure Drape Pack
Boise Nasal Fracture Elevator
Bone Chisel- Lambotte, 12mm Straight
Bone Chisel- Lambotte, 20mm Curved
Bone Chisel- Lambotte, 20mm Straight
Bone Chisel- Lambotte, 38mm Curved
Bone Chisel- Lambotte, 38mm Straight
Bone Chisel- Lambotte, 4mm Straight
Bone Chisel- Lambotte, 8mm Straight
Bone Chisel, Hibbs - 13mm
Bone Chisel, Hibbs - 25mm
Bone Hammer, 9 oz.
Bone Hammer, 18 oz
Bone Hook, Crip Handle, Sharp
Bone Mallet, Hammer - 18oz.
Bone Mallet, Hammer - 9oz.
Bone Reduction Forceps, CVD
Bone Tamp, Hemostat -10mm
Bone Tamp, Hemostat -4mm
Bone Tamp, Hemostat -6mm
Bone Tamp, Hemostat -8mm
Bonney Forceps
Bookwalter Retracting System
Bowel Holding/Atraumatic Grasper
Bowel Mock Kit
Bozeman Forcep
BullDog Clamp
Bulldog Clamp
Butler University Suture Pouch
C Section /OB Procedure Pack Drape
Campbell U. PA Program
Cardiac Mock Kit
Carmalt , - 6.5", Straight
Carmalt , - 7 1/2", Curved
Carmalt , - 7 1/2", Straight
Carmalt , - 8", Straight
Castroviejo Needle Holder
Castroviejo Needle Holder 9.5"
Castroviejo Needle Holder 8"
Chalazion Clamp
Chavasse Hook
Chloroprene Gloves Size 5.5
Chloroprene Gloves Size 6
Chloroprene Gloves Size 6.5
Chloroprene Gloves Size 7
Chloroprene Gloves Size 7.5
Chloroprene Gloves Size 8
Chloroprene Gloves Size 8.5
Clover Tonsil, White/Allis Forceps
Cobb Elevator, 19mm
Colibri Forceps
Collin - Duval Forceps
Cook Eye Speculum
Cooley Cardio Clamp
Cooley Cardio Clamp, 90 degree angle, del jaw
Cooley Multi Purpose, CVD
Corneal Transplant Scissors
Cottle Elevator
Cottle Nasal Speculum
Crile - Wood Needle Holder
Crile Forceps - Curved
Crile Forceps - Straight
Crocodile Grasper
CROMIC GUT- Blunt Suture 2-0
Cromic Gut Suture , 2-0
Cromic Gut Suture , 3-0
Cushing Forceps, 1*2 Teeth
Cushing Forceps, No Teeth
Cushing Retractor
Cysto Mock Kit
D&C Complete Mock Kit
Dandy Nerve Hook
Davidson Scapula Retractor
Davis - Boyle Mouth gag - Complete
Deaver Abdominal Retractor, 12"
DeBakey Aortic Clamp, CVD Shank, 60 degrees
DeBakey Aortic Clamp, CVD, Jaw/Light 8"
DeBakey Cardio Needle Holder
DeBakey Cross Clamp Aortic 34 cm
DeBakey Multi Purpose Clamp, CVD Shank, lesser angle
DeBakey Multi Purpose, CVD 90 degree
DeBakey Tangential Occlusion Clamp, Jaw 3.5mm
DeBakey Tangential Occlusion Clamp, Jaw 4.8mm
DeBakey Tangential Occlusion Clamp, Jaw 5.5mm
DeBakey Tangential Occlusion Clamp, Jaw 6mm
DeBakey Tissue Forceps, 10"
DeBakey Tissue Forceps, 6"
DeBakey Tissue Forceps, 6"
DeBakey Tissue Forceps, 8"
DeBakey Tissue Forceps, Reg 8"
DeBakey Tissue Forceps, Reg 9.5"
DeeLee Retractor
Desmarresn lid Retractor
Doyen Retractor
Doyen Rib Rasp
Drape, Single, 50x50
Drape, Single,100 x 150
Drape, Single,75 x 90
Dressing Forceps 10"
Dressing Forceps 8"
Dull Hook, Graham, 6.5"
Duplay Tenaculum
Ear Curette
Ear Loop
Ear Speculum 3mm
Ear Speculum 4mm
Ear Speculum 5mm
Ear Speculum 6mm
ENT Drape Procedure Pack
Episiotomy Scissor, Braun 15 7/8
Extra Long Mayo Hegar Needle Holder 14"
EYE Drape
Eye Drape Pack
Eye Mock Kit
Fayette Technical Community College
Femur Caliper
Fenestrated Grasper, Hunter
Ferris Smith Tissue Forceps
Folding Forceps #1
Forester Sponge Forceps
Forester Sponge Forceps, Long
Frankel Pediatric Speculum
Frazier Suction Tip
Frazier, Baron Suction Tube 3FR
Frazier, Baron Suction Tube 5FR
Frazier, Baron Suction Tube 7FR
Gass Scleral Marker
Gemini Artery Forceps
Genesis Case w/basket FULL Size
Genesis Case, Small/Mini/ 1/4 Size
Genesis Case, HALF Size, with Basket
Genesis Case-Mid Length, with Basket
Glassman Intestinal Clamp 9"
Glover Coarctation Clamp, ANG, LONG
Glover Coarctation Clamp, ANG, STR
Goodell Uterine Dilater
Goulet Retractor
Gown- Large
Gown- X- Large
Gown- XX-Large
Graves Vaginal Speculum
Green Goiter Retractor
GREEN Latex Surgical Gloves Size 6
Gruber Ear Seculum small
Gruewald Ear Forcep, Bayonet
GYN #1 Mock Kit
GYN #2 Mock Kit
Halsey Needle Holder
Hank Dilator Set, Bag
Harrington Retractor
Hayes Martin Forceps
Hayes-Martin Tissue Forceps
Heaney - Ballentine Clamp
Heaney - Ballentine Clamp STR
Heaney Hysterectomy Clamp Curved
Heaney Hysterectomy Clamp, STR, 1 Tooth
Heaney Needle Holder, CVD, 8.25
Heany Needle Holder 8" - Curved
Hibbs Retractor
Hibbs Retractor 9.25" long blade
Hirshman Anoscope w Obturator
Hirshman Anoscope w obturator Small
Hirshman Anoscope with Obturator, Medium
Hohman Bone Lever, 43mm
Hohman Bone Retractor, 8mm
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