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T&A Complete Mock Kit

T&A Complete Mock Kit
Item Number: T&A-COMPLETE
T&A Complete Mock Kit

Contains the most widely used T&A instruments

Includes our signature "Tool Box" case!

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  • We offer a coordinating Drape Pack and Suture to complete the entire Mock Set Up!
  • Instruments may be ordered individually, we carry a complete line of single instruments and lab supplies.
  • All Mock Medical instruments are simulated, can be ran through a sterilizer, but cannot be used in a actual surgical setting.
  • For educational/demonstration purposes only. We recommend cleaning instruments with 91% Isopropyl alcohol.
  • Don't see what your looking for? Please email or call, we have many more instruments not yet on our website.
Kit Set Contents
Pieces Per Set Item
2 Schnidt Tonsil Forceps
1 #7 Knife Handle, long
2 Backhaus Towel Clamp
1 Hegar Needle Holder 7 STR
1 Hurd Tonsil Dissector & Pillar Retractor
1 Davis-Boyle Mouth Gag Set/Multiple Blades
1 Love uvula retractor, small
1 Jones adenoid curette, child size, 6mm
1 Jones adenoid curette, infant size, 4mm
1 reverse curve adenoid curette #0, 11mm
1 reverse curve adenoid curette #1, 13mm
1 reverse curve adenoid curette #2, 15mm
1 reverse curve adenoid curette #3, 17mm
2 clover tonsil (white-Allis-Cloakley), STR
1 metzenbaum scissor, CVD, 7
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