Hysterectomy Mock Kit

Hysterectomy Mock Kit
(instruments in photo may not be complete)
Hysterectomy Mock Kit

Contains 62 of the most widely used hysterectomy instruments

Includes our signature "Tool Box" case!

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  • We offer a coordinating Drape Pack and Suture to complete the entire Mock Set Up!
  • Instruments may be ordered individually, we carry a complete line of single instruments and lab supplies.
  • All Mock Medical instruments are simulated, can be ran through a sterilizer, but cannot be used in a actual surgical setting.
  • For educational/demonstration purposes only. We recommend cleaning instruments with 91% Isopropyl alcohol.
  • Don't see what your looking for? Please email or call, we have many more instruments not yet on our website.
Kit Set Contents
Pieces Per Set Item
2 Allis Tissue Forceps, regular
2 Allis Tissue Forceps, long, 10”
1 Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder, STR 8”
1 Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder, CVD 7”
1 Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder, STR, 10.25”
1 Crile wood needle holder
1 DeBakey tissue forceps, 8”
4 Forester Sponge Forceps, 8”
2 Jacobs uterine tenaculum forceps
4 heaney hysterectomy forceps
1 roberts episiotomy scissors
1 uterine dilator, SET of 8
metzenbaum scissors, STR 7”
1 metzenbaum scissors, CVD 7”
2 Adson tissue forceps
1 #3 knife handle, long
1 #3 knife handle, regular
1 Mayo Scissors, CVD 6.75”
1 Mayo Scissors, STR 6.75”
1 dressing forceps 8”
2 tissue forceps, with 1*2 teeth
1 russian tissue forceps, 6”
1 russian tissue forcep, long”
2 kelly forceps, CVD 5.5”
4 crile forceps, CVD 5.5”
2 rochester pean forceps, CVD, 8”
2 rochester ochner forceps,CVD, 8”
2 rochester ochner forceps, STR, 8”
2 Heaney Ballentine, 8.25”
4 backhaus towel clamp
1 Deaver retractor
2 lahey gall duct forceps
2 babcock tissue forceps, 8”
1 graves vaginal specula
1 auvard vaginal specula

Stringer  14”
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